Paper pusher by day, party planner by night - Bay Area native Olivia Wong has a penchant for detail mixed with a lust for life, making her your ace-in-the-pocket fora blissfully smooth & stress-free wedding day!

Olivia discovered her talent for event planning in college, where she served on multiple volunteer committees, including the Asian Pacific Americans Group, {Delta Delta Delta} and {the Red Cross}, where she worked to organize successful events.

…Olivia discovered her passion for wedding coordination when it was time for one of her favorite cousins to walk down the aisle.  While it wasn’t the first wedding Olivia would play a major role in, it was where she realized how essential it is to have someone working behind the scenes to keep things flowing – and where she decided she wanted to help others by filling that part on their most important day.

Understanding the big picture, pin-pointing details, implementing the schedule of events all while guiding many moving parts – these are things Olivia has in the bag.Let her handle the sticky situations so your Bridesmaid can do more important things, like sobering up before the ceremony.  It is a party after all.

Off without a hitch! You may not realize why you’d need a Day-of-Coordinator but rest assured, there are more than a few reasons why it’s a guaranteed asset…

One of the most magical traditions we get celebrate, in almost every culture and every corner of the earth, is the wedding ceremony.  Less magical is the precision timing, schedule coordination, last minute switch-ups and unforeseen surprises that can occur.

Oh sure, you have your wedding party but hey – dealing with a hungry, grouchy,swing band who thought they were getting dinner at the gig isn’t a party for anyone.  Suggesting to the nosey gawkers that their yapping Chihuahua might want to go for a walk is a conversation best had by an impartial agent – not your soon-to-be brother-in-law who claims he knows how to handle uninvited guests.  Speaking of uninvited guests…a Day-of-Coordinator knows how to tactfully handle that, too.

Your friends and family are there to support and enjoy the moments with you – don’t make them work too hard.